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Let's talk the basics of getting started with this amazing medium and let me share some of my best trade secrets! I have been teaching new makers all about Polymer Clay since 2016 more specifically in the contemporary making side. When I first started out I learnt from some amazing makers and I think its important to give those makers the gratitude they deserve - Cindy Leitz from YouTube and Jessama Tutorials are the two makers who had the biggest impact on my learning as well as the beautiful Dani from The Whimsical Bead of course along they way I developed friendships with fellow makers who have also contributed to my knowledge and I love to shout them out in my workshops or Youtube Videos when there is a particular technique they shared with me!

When I started in 2013 trying to find information for contemporary learning - using modern techniques, colour blocking, abstract shapes, bright florals, simple fun and vibrant designs was almost impossible, figuring out how to make what we consider ultra simple these days  was like finding a needle in a haystack. So much of what I have learned has been self taught, making mistakes, practicing and having that creative resilience to just keep trying.

Its my nature to be super real and I think I would still rather learn that way - challenging myself to! These days (Making me sound really old) you have content and information on tap! Want to learn about different clay techniques? Just pop that in the search bar on Pinterest or Instagram and you will be inundated with millions of videos and links to content some of it great, lots of it repetitive and some of it questionable. During 2020 the Polymer Clay industry basically exploded into something no one could have ever predicted, making it one of the biggest trends for "side hustles" in the world. Polymer Clay was impossible to find, shortages lasted for months and months, new makers came in hard and fast, shape cutters used to be hard to find...not anymore every second Etsy Shop is selling arches and semi circles. 

Makers like myself who had been in the game for awhile or in my case teaching workshops found the influx overwhelming, lots of us pivoting into different mediums to really set ourselves a part, I never planned to teach online or sell supplies online but it was honestly survival and putting food on our table! I have seen makers I love and adore move out of the Polymer Clay world completely, switching to acrylic, resin or a completely different medium altogether and I have seen others soar, we all have a place in the making world even with the unreal growth, if you are here you want to know what I have to share and you want to learn so lets do it!



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