M E N T O R I N G 

YES! Finally MENTORING is here, you have been asking for it so here we go.  Learn from me, one to one, personalised, honest and maybe at times confronting - sharing with you my experiences, my mistakes, my skills and positively guiding you towards success with your side hustle - I will be specialising in skills based mentoring, supporting your brand development, feedback on products and pretty much everything in-between, see below a just a few of the subjects I can mentor you in. 
  • Complete beginners skills - from how to set up, working with and storing clay, brands of clay for contemporary making
  • Brand authenticity - Developing your brand, supporting your vision
  • Honest Feedback - Get the real tea on your products based on quality, design and authenticity
  • Advanced making skills - take your skills to the next level, how to improve your skills
  • Social Media - Learn the importance of sharing, organically increase your presence and following
  • Pricing for  Success - understand the importance and value of your product, how to break down your costs
  • Work Life Balance - from one super busy maker to another, get my honest take on work life balance
  • Self Care as a Maker - Taking time to plan self care, how to fit it in to your creative career
  • Going from funded hobby to a serious maker babe - Where to start and how to make this a reality
  • Market Life - Figuring out how to grow from this, are markets for you? Feel stuck...under the pump? 
Whats even more exciting is when 2 creative minds unite, I am working closely with Heidi Helyard with these mentoring sessions, we will be offering mentoring collaborations - where you can have both of us to support you on your Polymer Clay adventure. Heidi offers a wide range of skills and support specialising in advanced business, wholesale and branding right through to website and social media optimisation. Pop to her website for more information.
ALSO - Please understand that mentoring is NOT an online workshop where I will sit and teach you or a group of people the same way I do in my specialised skills based workshops.  
For mentoring sessions with POLLY COLLECTIVE please pop back in November 2020 for more info - as I am taking Maternity Leave