Polly Collective Signature Lanyard


Handy dandy lanyards are super pretty but still practical and safe to wear.  We make 6 beautiful handmade beads with fun patterns and complimenting colours and of course our branded bead so you know you have a Polly Collective Design.  The are strung on 110cm of natural uncoated tan leather with a black breakaway clasp and a high quality matte black clip.  We absolutely love our simple design.  Perfect for teachers, nurses, corporate queens and busy mums!


PLEASE NOTE: Your lanyard may not be the one pictured as we do them in batches of 6 so your lanyard will be similar to the design pictured.  


As with all of our handmade beads, necklaces and studs - we embrace perfectly imperfect finishes, meaning you may see tiny imperfections, lumps, bumps or fingerprints, we see this as a makers mark - although every care is taken to finish our products to a high standard, please give us some grace for the fact that each and every piece has been handshaped and finished and not made by a machine in a factory.

Lanyard - Style 005 Susan