Polly Collective Curved Bar Necklace


Necklaces are the heart of Polly Collective, they are where our story began!  Each colour way has been thoughfully designed using our signature mixes, texture, pattern placements and we often use scrap clay to make these one off designs.  Strung on 110cm of natural uncoated tan leather with a double sliding knot, which allows you to wear your necklace at any desired length. You will find our brand is on the front of your necklace so you know you have a genuine Polly Collective Design.


PLEASE NOTE: Your Necklace is the one pictured.


Width:   110mm

Height:   90mm


As with all of our handmade beads, necklaces and studs - we embrace perfectly imperfect finishes, meaning you may see tiny imperfections, lumps, bumps or fingerprints, we see this as a makers mark - although every care is taken to finish our products to a high standard, please give us some grace for the fact that each and every piece has been handshaped and finished and not made by a machine in a factory.

Necklace - Style 010 Swirls with Gold Flecks