Hello! Im Sheree NZ born Melbourne based designer, maker, mumma and lady boss! No my name is not Polly - although I love that name! I live in the amazing creative city of Melbourne.  Here are a few facts about me!

I have been with my husband for 21 years! 

We have been blessed with 2 IVF babes Emelia + Poppy

Cheese is life - in my books....

Indecisiveness is my biggest personal battle

Giving is something I love - its a part of my make up

I don't drink coffee....or tea

Fro Co aka Frozen Coke is a serious addiction for me

In NZ I worked as a Professional Photographer...weddings to be specific

I never plan my color stories

Sharing is huge for me - I'm a giver, sometimes to my own detriment.


I love to use multiple components, shapes, patterns and colours for a signature feel this keeps my hectic style fresh and fun. Suitable to most babes.

The Polly Collective aesthetic is for real, colour obsessed, matchy matchy loving queens - the colour stories are staples but the designs change on a daily basis, we make necklaces, lanyards and rad statement earrings.

Each and every piece is handmade in my little studio, wherever possible I source my supplies locally, I use high quality components and materials and every single gem I make is made with love and authenticity.  If you are buying my jewellery you are supporting my creative dream and helping me to keep my little family safe, nourished and loved.