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What will I learn if I come to a Polly Collective Workshop?

Our workshops are skills based, Polymer Clay is popular at the moment so rather than seeing crafty keeno's out there just going rogue with clay...we are committed to providing you with everything you need to make quality polymer clay jewellery. From the indepth info about brands of clay, tools and how to look after and store all these goodies - to a super detailed demo, teaching you techniques for working with clay and other related materials such as glitter, coloured foil and more! Are you tired of having fluffy beads covered in lint? Don't get the whole conditioning thing? Wondering why your clay is cracked and weak when you bake it? Cant get your beads even? Should we even ask how your going with getting a hole in a tube bead....? You will learn all of this and so so so much more in our rad workshops!!!​


What will I get to take home?


Well aside from all the amazing handmade jewellery you create!!!! You will gain some fresh skills and new Polymer Clay tricks and hacks.....? You are provided with a detailed workbook to take home - the findings or stringing cord you need and some sugary goodness to get you through the 3 and bit hours of intensive learning and making!!! Usually we have cookies and a cuppa, sometimes we have wine and cheese! The materials and tools to make all of your creations on the day are provided!! There is no specific project or amount that you have to make - but we will guide you all the way!​What if I want to get started at home right away?


Can I buy clay and tools at the workshop?

YES! You have the opportunity to purchase new tools and clay on the day so you can get started as soon as you leave!!! All clay and tools have been curated by Polly Collective and are available only to students who attend our workshops!  ***We try to have as many supplies as possible but with the current supply shortage it can be difficult to get some supplies, also with our interstate workshops transporting supplies can be difficult!​


What do I need to bring?

Really just your positive energy, enthusiasm and maybe a friend! We do also suggest that you start developing a mood board, gather your ideas for what you think you might like to create...but make sure your ideas are authentic. A container is ideal in case you have any unfinished gems or even to protect the ones you have made! You can choose to bring anything you have made previously to show Sheree for feedback or advice, or any special tools you prefer to work with! Otherwise just come along and enjoy yourself!!! If you have special dietary requirements it would be a good idea to BYO just incase we can't cater to your ​needs.


Hmmm I've attended other workshops that promised all this - how do I know your workshops are any good?

We can 100% relate! I am (Me - Sheree your Workshop Teacher!!!) completely self taught - although I have a creative background in Photography - I still started out just like you, trawling YouTube, googling, attending workshops and what I like to say...going rogue with clay! After attending some interesting "workshops" I swore that if I ever got good enough, if I ever had the opportunity I would develop my own workshops and make sure crafty keeno's just like me didn't have to search far and wide to learn what they wanted, they can cut through all the bull shit and just get the skills based learning they need! That way then you would have the foundation and understanding you need to then go wild with design and colour.  But you will be making high quality jewellery with a broad understanding of your craft! 

How much are your workshops?

It depends on the workshop content, time and venue but most workshops start from $130. This covers my time, venue, all the supplies, materials and supportive hands on learning.


​Why are your interstate workshops a different price to your Melbourne Workshops?

I try my absolute best to keep all of my workshops affordable - but at the same time I want to reach further afield and bring my workshops to as many states as I possibly can! To do this I have to factor in travel expenses which is why some of the workshops are slightly different in pricing.

Do you host events like Kids Parties, Hens nights, crafty birthdays, baby showers or corporate events?

I am definitely open to all types of events, it is purely dependent on my availability and the logistics, location and budget you have. But I am super happy to hear from you with your dates and ideas - if I can't help you I will point you in the right direction.


​I have Social Anxiety.....?


The wonderful thing about my In Studio Workshops is that they are in a smaller home environment with less people (A maximum of 8 in person) basically you would be hanging out in my studio creating at your own pace, even if you were to attend a bigger workshop, we will always have a quiet space, refreshments, hugs available at any point, you can just have a quiet word with me so that I can be aware you may not want to be called on and you may like a little space. I have had many wonderful students who suffer from chronic anxiety or debilitating social anxiety and I have always been gentle in their space, you can feel free to give me the heads up via email if you like so it doesn't overwhelm you on the day.  ​


OMG I think my kid would absolutely LOVE your workshops....are they suitable for kids?

I am more than happy to have children over the age of 12 attend my workshops as long as they come along with an adult, the main reason for this is that my workshops are mostly attended by adults which may feel a bit overwhelming for younger attendees - so its nice to have a supportive carer in attendance too.  ​​​​​​​

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