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There are a few ways that you can learn with me, the first one is my in person skills based workshops. I have been teaching my creative workshops for 8 years - all over Australia, since having my youngest daughter and that notorious pandemic that had us all locked down for a couple of years, I have taken a step back from my interstate workshops. I am focused on workshops in my local area - Collingwood & Eltham in Melbourne, Australia and of course my online community! I specialise in fun filled, colourful and contemporary creative vibes, we are inclusive and ready for ALL levels of experience.

To give you an idea on how my workshops roll - I usually begin with a bit of a chit chat about whatever I am teaching (Don't worry its all in the my detailed booklet!), then we get straight into a demonstration, there are loads of opportunities for questions. You will have access to high quality materials and tools, you have the freedom to create your own project or if you feel overwhelmed we have some step by step projects to get you started!

I love to inspire new makers, surprise experienced creatives and see people develop new skills and find inspiration through my workshops. On the day you will create your very own gems - let me tell you getting a flurry of newly obsessed makers to stop and finish their projects is almost impossible however we will cure your work for you to get home and  finish with all the instructions you need! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via my contact page - but don't dilly dally my workshop tickets tend to sell out! BOOK HERE

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Workshops are super fun and a wonderful way to meet likeminded people and get hands on learning, but sometimes you kind of think...what's next?  or sometimes you can't even get to a workshop - either its out of your budget or not possible to travel!  So of course I have another solution for you! In 2021 I established my creative community on Patreon, we have 3 years of amazing content - from casual LIVE making sessions, BTS of my creative process, early access to my YouTube videos, small biz chats, guest makers, monthly themes and so so much more. Starting at $10 AUD per month, you can cancel anytime but even better you can save 15% by signing up for an annual membership - take the leap!

Click the "Watch a sample video here..." Link to see what my BTS content is like, sometimes I do a pre-filmed video with a voice over or other times I go LIVE on Instagram for our super casual content, either way there is a variety of ways to consume all the creative goodness including downloadable PDFs, in the video above I am developing a colour mix collection which is exclusive to our Community members.

We have one of the most lovely creative communities ever with makers from all over the world, all ages and all levels of experience, we have regular weekly LIVES - which I consider my casual content. I have seen the most wonderful  friendships flourish, support being  given, constructive and positive feedback  laughter had and much more. We welcome makers from all levels to jump in and be a part of our community JOIN HERE


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